​Education institutions focus more on profit: Principal

​Private education in the country has grown dramatically in recent years.

And sadly, some of these new schools and colleges concentrate on profit more than they do on quality.

This observation was shared by Les Roai, the Consulting Principal at Popondetta International School.

He said this when stressing on International Education Agency’s (IEA) focus on quality education for the past 41 years.

He said this has been the true driver of decision making and planning for IEA.

Roai notes that as the middle class grows rapidly in PNG, it increasingly seeks private education.  

However, he said it does not have the finances to pay for the very best.

The agency is prepared to respond to this – to determine ways in which it can offer its services to the maximum number of clients without losing its capacity to be the best.

Furthermore, Roai touched on the need for vocational education across the country. Using its capacity and experience, he said IEA will ensure that this is provided.

“It will no doubt expand further in this sector of the market in coming years. The geography and demography of PNG are also changing. Towns which were once economic powerhouses are now faded while other areas of the country are growing rapidly. The IEA will need to burst beyond the locations it inherited in 1977 if it is to serve the students of tomorrow,” he said.

Raoi said health, education, law and order, equity and corruption all need to be addressed with clear, well considered plans.

“If PNG and IEA is to continue to be successful in educating tomorrow’s leaders, it will need to continue to focus on more than just the knowledge and skills those leaders will need.

“It will need to continue to model the values and beliefs, the morals and the ethics, on which a strong democratic society can be built.

“As far as the IEA is concerned, the past 41 years have shown that this can be done.”

Gloria Bauai