​Court orders report

The Waigani National Court has asked for a Report to be compiled by the Community Based Corrections Probation Service for the police officer who was convicted over the shooting of a 12-year-old girl in 2013.

Justice George Manuhu asked for a Pre-Sentence report to be compiled and brought to court before July 21.

This report will assist the court in deciding what jail term it should impose against Jeffery Sheekiot.

Sheekiot was convicted in May over the shooting of Feline Bune along the Waigani drive, opposite Boroko Motors, while in the company of other officers on 19 April 2013.

The vehicle driven by the victim’s mother was believed to be stolen by the police officers’ Sheekiot was in the company of.

The Police officers were under the impression the vehicle was stolen after they saw it being chased by another private vehicle.

Sheekiot fired shots on the moving vehicle that was driven by the mother of the deceased.

Three bullets went through the rear of the vehicle and hit the girl who was seated at the back of the vehicle.  She eventually died from loss of blood.

He remains in custody at Bomana awaiting his sentence.

Sally Pokiton