​Baki dispels rumours of expatriates’ deportation

Police Commissioner Gari Baki has dispelled deportation rumours of the American security personnel whose gun-toting pictures recently went viral on social media.

In an interview this morning, Baki told media that the five expatriates from the American-based security company, Laurence Aviation & Security Group, are still in the country.

They have been stood down from activities but they will remain in the country until the commissioner has completed the proclaimed process.

“15 more will be coming in if the agreement goes through to fully engage them in their line of work,” says Baki.

Once the National Security Advisory Council deliberates on the submissions, their activities and duties in the country will be reactivated. At the moment, all five men have been stood down.

Baki strongly emphasised that the move is not outside of the police force, adding that he did not want anyone to talk outside of the force.

“I am the custodian of the police force,” says the commissioner.

He said this exercise is to upskill the Royal PNG Constabulary, which has a responsibility to serve the country.

He further added that as Commissioner, he is not accountable to anyone.

“I am a constitutional official and I am accountable to my own actions so I don’t have to subject myself to anyone to give me directions over what I do for the police force.”

Baki said it’s important that people know that the commissioner is the only person that’s responsible for the running of the organisation.

The Police Department has budgeted K7 million for 140 days of intensive training in the country, if RPNGC decides to engage LASG.

“I will ask the government to support me in the funding. If they don’t want to give it then we can’t do anything,” stated Baki.

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