Working on a Christmas

Most people may prefer to recognise December 25 as a public holiday and spend time celebrating with family and friends.

Margaret Bill, of Southern Highlands Province, on the other hand, had a different idea.

Like every other day, she woke up early this morning, left her Port Moresby home at Waigani and headed to Four-Mile.

Margaret is employed by NCDC to keep the city clean.

As is her task, she cleans the streetside, beginning with the crossing in front of A-Mart near the Taurama Aquatic Centre, working all the way to Three-Mile, near the Port Moresby General Hospital.

When Loop PNG met her this morning, she was already past the Susu Mamas Inc, nearing the Three-Mile bus stop.

"I know it’s Christmas, but the stretch I'm allocated to is quite a distance. If I don't clean, it will look unpleasant by Wednesday. We wouldn't want that. So I still have to come and clean the streets," she said.

Margaret has been employed under the program for three years now.

She cleans the streets for four working days, resting on the weekends.

Being a mother of three, separated from her husband, she said the income from this provides for their needs.

"The K250 fortnight is budgeted very carefully to last the two weeks. I'm glad for this opportunity which has made my life in the city easier,” she said.

She wished everyone a Merry Christmas!

Gloria Bauai