School adopts Yoga program

The Sevese Morea Primary School has been the first in the country to adopt the Walk & Yoga for Life program.

The program was first initiated by NCD Governor Powes Parkop.

The school in NCD launched its program on October 7.

The idea for the school to participate was by Judy Bomai, the Moresby South Women and Yoga for life Coordinator.

She saw the need to involve students, youths and parents in the area due to anti- social behavior being prevalent in the school and community.

Youths were involved in alcohol and drugs, and fights were common.

Since the introduction of the program behavior of school children and youths have gradually changed.

The Walk & Yoga for Life is basically advocating about lifestyle diseases and how one can avoid them by promoting good healthy lifestyles practices.

Elis Siki, the sponsor of the event, commanded the school for being the first.

She said the governor’s goal was to inspire future generations to live healthier and make PNG much better than what it is today.

She said most people are dying young because of less physical activity. And regular exercise can keep the body in shape and prevent lifestyle diseases.

Siki said Walk and Yoga for life program was a way to keep physically fit.

Siki presented maroon T-shirts to the school to participate.

The school will start the Yoga class every Thursday afternoons. They will also participate in the Walk for Life program every Sunday mornings which had been arranged by Governor Parkop.

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