PMGH’s first Christmas baby!

She's 3.4kg and arrived at 1:40am this morning. She still does not have a name, but she's the first recorded Christmas baby at Port Moresby General Hospital's labour ward.

This new baby from Western Highlands Province makes Rachel Jeff a mother-of-four this Christmas.

Other than her 6-year-old boy, Rachel’s other two children, boy 13 and girl 9, were also born at the PMGH labour ward.

She had a normal birth without complications, after going into labour at 6pm on Christmas Eve. 

Jeff said the family is yet to name the baby.

More than an hour later, Sebastian Samastin of Southern Highlands was born, weighing 3.9kg, making him the second Christmas baby.

By 5am, the Labour ward recorded seven Christmas babies for 2017.

Loop PNG visited the ward to catch up with this year's Christmas babies:

  • Bella Gavera, from Central Province, was born at 4am, weighing 3.5kg
  • Barbra Larry of Gulf Province, was born at 4:15am, weighing 2.9kg
  • Sylvia Waikure of Eastern Highlands province was born at 4:30am weighing 3.19kg
  • Raka Koukou of Central Province was born at 4:50am, weighing 2.8kg; and last but not least,
  • Jane Freddy of Central Province was born at 4:55am, weighing 3.37kg.

(Rachel Jeff with the newest addition to their family)

Gloria Bauai