Lasallian tercentenary celebration concludes

A closing mass was held to conclude the 300th Lasallian tercentenary celebration of St John Baptist De La Salle on Friday, September 20th, at the Rita Flynn Indoor Complex.

The Mass had as its theme: ‘One Heart, One Commitment, One Life’.

Fr John Glynn AFSC, School Chaplain of Jubilee Secondary, was joined by Fr Dominic Kachira SDB, fellow Priests and Religious Sisters, Lasallian Brothers, Lasallian Schools, Catholic Commission Heads, friends, benefactors and associates.

In his homily, Fr John highlighted the Lasallian Vocation and urged everyone to follow and live in the ways of the great saint by helping those that need it most.

“Though rich and privileged, he forfeited all of this, as he had a strong ambition of empowering the powerless. He wishes to become like many who are lonely and poor,” he said.

Teacher of Jubilee Secondary, Esther Maragau, said: “It was a memorable mass. The singing of the hymns, dancing and processions were excellent.”

A Lasallian Emmanuel Bagere said that it was an honour for him to return for the closing mass of the 300th Lasallian Celebrations. “There are many Lasallians working around the country. They will later regret not attending this closing mass,” he said.

Wilson Felix, a Grade Eleven student of De La Salle Secondary, said: “I strongly believe in the moral principles set by our patron and teacher St John the Baptist De La Salle. I have participated in all the celebrations and my presence here today is to show my respect for our founder.”

The mass comes as the third celebration after the previous two hosted at De La Salle Secondary School, Bomana and La Salle Technical School, Hohola.  

Participating schools in the event included Jubilee Catholic Secondary School, De La Salle Secondary School, La Salle Technical College, Mainohana Catholic Secondary School and Sacred Heart Teachers College.

The spiritual event had over 2000 students, including teachers, in attendance.

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