Health dept outlines COVID-19 plan

The Health Department has reaffirmed that PNG has no case of coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19, to date.

The country has developed an Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan for COVID-19 that covers 10 key focus areas. The plan outlines key actions at four phases: alert, containment, mitigation and recovery.

“The National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) continues to coordinate national preparedness measures while Provincial EOCs have already been activated at the provincial levels,” stated the Department.

“An Inter-Agency Task Force has been established that reports to the Departmental Heads who then report to the COVID-19 Ministerial Committee. Based on the Preparedness and Response Plan, PNG is currently on code green, which is the ‘alert phase’.”

The Health Department says they are preparing for a scenario that if the virus enters the country, containment of COVID-19 will be top priority. They are working to ensure they have measures to stop transmission and save lives.

“The best action that we can do at this time is to educate ourselves about COVID-19. Make sure your information comes from reliable sources and do not share any rumours and misinformation.

“This is the time that we look after each other as one country.”

For more information and materials on COVID-19, check this link:

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