Handen’s team have adventure to a new level

Remember the group of women that climbed Mount Wilhelm last year?

They have been on the roll since and increasing their group as well.

The climb last year was to raise funds and awareness on Leukaemia in PNG. Proceeds were forwarded to the Cecilia Ali Leukaemia Foundation (CALF).

Since then, team leader Mary Handen says the group has had a weekend trip to Tufi in December.

Also in their plan are trekking Kokoda in August, Seeing Benua in September and attending the Kenu Festival in Alotau in November.

Handen says these are adventures but the trip to visit Benua, the group also aims to help build a classroom and donate books in a local village.

Then the adventure continues. The 22 women will go on to see Benua – a giant sinkhole that has the world’s largest cavern in the world. It is 470 metres in length and 150 metres wide with a height of 170 metres. Benua contains an 18 metre stalagmite.

It is located in the Tokorina area along the Keriaka Plateau.

(Picture sourced: Mary Handen)

Gloria Bauai