Day care emphasises on children’s welfare

A child must be loved and has to feel loved, says Elma Polum, owner of Just Like Home day care.

“This is important to their development – physically, emotionally and intellectually,” she stressed.

This concept is emphasised at her day care which she has been running for the last three years.

Just Like Home – ANEZ’s Childcare services stands as a family advocate.

“We discourage baby-sitters in a family unit as this is not healthy for the child. A child will not learn much this way. They need love and affection from their parents,” Polum said.

Stressing on parent-child bonding and the child’s development, Just Like Home only yesterday, for the first time, started sessions for parents on children’s wellness.

The awareness was on home remedies using essential oils.

“I wanted to introduce this to parents to better their children’s lifestyle,” she said.

Visiting speaker Geradine Moeder talked with parents at the day care, in Gordon, on how to be smart when concerning children’s health.

“The more informed you are, the better your child’s health is.”

Gloria Bauai