Council of Churches’ New Year message

General Secretary for PNG Council of Churches, Rev. Roger Joseph, acknowledged a very peaceful 2019 festive season in Port Moresby and commended city residents for this.

Moving onto the New Year of 2020, Rev Joseph likened the New Year as the transition between the Exodus, moving out of captivity and moving into the Promised Land.   

“The very interesting point in this particular story is about Joshua and Caleb. These were the only two people from the generation that moved out of Egypt, who moved into the Promised Land. All the others who were involved in the Exodus never entered the Promised Land. Just two and that’s a very sad story. And as we look at moving into the New Year, I think the success stories are only for few,” he said.

Relating to the story of Joshua and Caleb, Rev Joseph said a prosperous New Year can only be achieved by a very few people who are committed and dedicated, being reflective of the past and then try to do something that will mean prosperity to them.

The message that Christ brings at Christmas, which is hope, peace, joy and love, we can face the unknown. When we face this unknown territory with this hope in Christ then we can always prosper because for every situation we are confronted with, we will always look at it through the peace that is created within our hearts.

“And when that happens, prosperity begins. Prosperity is a promise but it cannot come if we cannot make it happen,” he said.  

“I want to leave this appeal to this nation. Let us have hope in Christ because we are a Christian nation. The hope we have in Christ will create that love we have and at the same time, it will give us peace and joy to face the unknown. And when we face the unknown, we will always face it with peace in our hearts and then that will mean prosperity for us.”

Rev Joseph said prosperity does not mean becoming very rich, or surrounded with money and wealth, rather it is peace and having the passion to serve our nation.

“One of the reflections I always leave at this particular time, I always say; ‘Am I a Papua New Guinean? What makes me feel I am a Papua New Guinean?’ The third question is, if I am really a Papua New Guinean, than how much am I worth?”

Rev. Roger Joseph wished the people of Papua New Guinea a bright and prosperous 2020 on behalf of the PNG Council of Churches.

(Rev. Roger Joseph – General Secretary for PNG Council of Churches)

Frieda Kana