Closing the gap in women empowerment

There is still an obvious gap between policies and plans for women empowerment and the actual status of women in the country.

This gap will be identified in a short video, currently being put together by the Pacific International Hospital, with the help of EMTV.

The video will capture local women from different walks of life sharing their views on what they understand about gender equality and its state in the country.

It will be showcased on March 8, which is International Women’s Day, during an event PIH is planning to host.

The event will host policy makers from embassies and companies (both government and private).

The idea here is for these policy makers to see the gap – that there are those who make plans for women empowerment/gender equality, and then there are local people who do not know much about what this really means.

PIH has been keen to take a step forward in any women empowerment activity. In 2017, PIH hosted the “Women of the world – PNG chapter”, starting a holistic discussion on the status of women in the country and where it should go.

This video is the continuation of that, but in a slightly different manner.

This year’s event will be held at the Moresby Arts Theatre.

The MAT team have also volunteered to perform for the event.

PIH is also seeking to engage local artists who are willing to donate their work to raise funds towards the work for women.

More work from the hospital’s end include trying to rope in finalists from previous Westpac Outstanding Women.

(Loop file pic)

Gloria Bauai