​St John Ambulance praised

​Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae has praised St John Ambulance for their work in the country for the past 60 years.

Speaking at the St John Ambulance Ball and 60th Anniversary last Saturday in Port Moresby, Sir Bob said St. John Ambulance has been serving our community, by our side in our time of need for the past six decades.

“Caring for others is at the heart of the St. John community here in Papua New Guinea and right across the world. It is hard to imagine just how far reaching and, frankly, ancient the St. John organisation is.”

The GG also acknowledged the staff of St John Ambulance, encouraging them that helping out our fellow men and women is a great source of pride and strength.

“In saying so, we must reserve our biggest thank you for St. John staff. For those among us who are drawn to a career of helping others, it is not for them just another job. This is a calling - a calling to serve others with humility and pride.”

Sir Bob said St. John has transformed into a modern and professional ambulance service, ready for the challenges of the future.

“In your darkest hour, in your time of need, the dedicated and caring staff of St. John are only a triple one (111) phone call away.”

He said with qualified training given to the staff of St John Ambulance, there are more highly-trained people on call to treat complex medical emergency cases in NCD and surrounding areas.

The work of St. John as an organisation began in 1070 when a hospice was established in Jerusalem to take care of Pilgrims.

Remarkably, some 940 years on, its existence is widespread around the globe due largely to priceless efforts of people.

(Picture: St John Ambulance Papua New Guinea)

Freddy Mou