Observers hope for smooth Solomons election

The chairperson of the Commonwealth Observers Group and former Vanuatu prime minister Sato Kilman says he hopes the Solomon Islands election goes smoothly and that people benefit from the results.

The group is made up of eminent persons from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Mr Kilman said his team of 15 would travel to several provinces including the capital Honiara and observe the organisation and conduct of the election including the environment in which it is held.

"The government, the electoral commission, the populace have done a lot of work to try and make sure that this election is fair and that people of the Solomon Islands can benefit from [it]. And this is I think everyone's hope and we are here to try and assist and make sure that the elections are run fairly and if not then we will report our findings to the electoral commission and to the relevant authorities," he said.

There are several international observer groups in the country for the election including from the Melanesian Spearhead Group and the Pacific Islands Forum.

Local observer groups will also have their eyes on the democratic process.

The polls open at 7 am on Wednesday, which has been declared a public holiday.

A national liquor ban will be in place for the polling and the counting to follow.

There are 50 parliamentary seats up for grabs in the first-past-the-post race.