NZ Immigration launches annual Pacific Access

Registrations for Pacific Islanders wanting to enter New Zealand under the annual quotas are open again, despite ongoing concerns that the quotas not being filled every year.

The Samoan Quota and the Pacific Access Category resident visas allow for a number of people from five Pacific countries to be selected for New Zealand residence each year, provided they meet the necessary requirements.

Each year up to 1100 Samoan citizens, 250 Tongan and Fijian citizens and 75 Kiribati and Tuvaluan citizens can be selected by ballot to be considered, but a number of applicants who do win a place often have to forfeit it after failing to secure an acceptable job offer.

The Samoa Government earlier this month proposed to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern that the country's seasonal workers be eligible for permanent residency because often the quota is not filled.

Samoa would like their RSE workers to be eligible for the quota because they already have established employment, which is a key requirement.

The Pacific Access Category quota ballots will be drawn on 8 June and results will be announced on 15 June and the Samoa Quota will be drawn on the 29 June and announced on 6 July.

Limited numbers of forms will be available at the INZ offices in Nuku'alofa and Apia, due to the move towards online applications.