First-high level Pacific Blue Economy conference underway

A two-day Pacific Blue Economy conference themed knowledge and exchange platform towards a blue economy for the Pacific Islands is underway in Fiji.

The conference organized by Pacific Island Development Forum (PIDF) will build on and incorporate the principles of green growth or green economy.

PIDF secretary general, Francois Martel, says the conference aims to build a road map to sustainable development and blue economy.

In his opening speech Milner Tozak, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Solomon Islands said Solomon Islands is delighted to be chairing the Blue Economy conference.

“We all recognize that Pacific Ocean and its marine and coastal resources offer an opportunity to derive magnificent and lasting wealth if we make the right choice towards its conservations and if by cooperating development strategies we can fulfil our vision of a blue economy.”

“I urge all to put our heads together and work towards our environment,” Milner said.

He also said that if we are to move towards a truly sustainable economy, we need to be prepared to look beyond.

Fiji Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama in his opening speech said that our ocean and life we sustain now face threat more severe than at any time in our history.

 He said that as Pacific Island nations it is critical we take charge in advancing the solutions for sustainable economy and ocean.

“We are here to move the Pacific towards a Blue Economy and to support, generate sustainable conservation and marine, “he added.

Bainimarama also added that the problem faced is not a Pacific problem but the threat is affecting everyone on the earth.



Anishma Prasad