Fijians eligible to vote on election day

A total of 637,527 Fijians will be eligible to vote on election day next month.

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem says that 316, 431 are females while 321, 096 are males.

Saneem says the central division has 265,184 voters, the west has 244, 245 voters, 99, 094 in the North, East has 26, 034 voters while 7, 970 are overseas registered voters.

He says 70, 519 voters have been assigned for pre-poll while 559, 038 Fijians will be vote on Election Day.

Saneem says the final numbers for Election Day will be available on the 27 of this month after they have finalised the postal voting applications.

He said that FEO will be printing 764, 900 ballot papers bound into 15, 298 books.

The total number of Election day venues is 854 and there will be 582 pre-poll venues.

Saneem says on Election day they will operate 1,568 polling stations that will be managed by 10,000 staff.