Youths take fresh approach in staging Gospel concert

Who’s up for some positive vibes this weekend?

A group of youths are bringing a fresh approach to reaching other youths in communities.

Judah Memafu and a few others have decided to ride on the changing trend in gospel music to capture the interest of the other majority.

They will be staging a two night concert which begins tonight, capturing a diverse line-up including songs, dances, skits as well as a beatbox performance by one of the Yu Em Khax winning duo.

The gospel oriented concert is the initial inaugural project which Memafu says is a community youth initiative.

“We aim to use this platform to reach young people and talk to them about life. It’s basically to give the message of gospel through a different way,” he said.

He clarified that the concert is not tied down to any particular denomination but open to all youths, irrespective of what church they attend.

“The idea here is to bring all youths to be involved in something more productive and move away from other issues like drug and alcohol abuse, disrespectful behaviour. There are actually deeper issues like broken homes, financial difficulties, so hope this concert will be a beacon of hope,” Memafu added.

They aim to make this an annual event and have had the support of associations like the Next of Kin.

“We’re looking for change but change starts with us so we have to take up the initiative,” he added.

The concert is based at Taurama and will begin at 6pm through to 8pm – March 31 and April 1 and is open to the general public.