World Supermodel PNG to launch crowns

What’s a pageant winner without a crown?

World Supermodel PNG will be launching two crowns for local pageant in the coming week.

National director and founder Philma Kelegai said the sponsor, Jules Collins will be revealing the crowns to the public on March 7.

This will also come with the unveiling of the pageant’s glamour calendar – also believed to be the first of its kind in PNG.

The calendar features each contestant of the two categories – Adult and Teen.

“It’s a concept shoot so the girls are in their designer dresses and shoes but are in areas where ordinary girls would be at like the bus stop, market, village (walkway), field, junkyard, riverside,” Kelegai said.

She said the contestants also made points from this, based on their performance and attitude during the shoot.

The winner will be the cover girl on the calendar.

“The cover girl is the one who truly represents what we mean by this concept photography and the world supermodel and how it applies in PNG. We wanted someone who could just look like a supermodel and in a setting where she’s comfortable with the shoot, took directions well. Some people will just have one look and you can’t get any more out of her. This girl can do anything - showcase the mood you want, gives you a concept of life.

“It’s very important that if you can translate that onto a photo, you can do so much on a catwalk on the international arena,” she said.


Caption: Two contestants of world supermodel PNG: World Supermodel PNG

Gloria Bauai