Wild Pack production banned

Local radio and television stations have been instructed by the PNG Censorship Board not to air any production work by local band Wild Pack.

A circular stating a ban on this group’s music was released from the office of the Chief Censor Steven Mala.

This action follows the viral video capturing a member of the Wild Pack band assaulting another musician.

The video was uploaded on social platform Facebook over the festive period, attracting an overwhelming response from the public.

As per the circular, songs or video clips the boy band has featured in or produced must not be aired, commencing immediately.

Mala said his office “aims to promote human decency and self-respect and as such will not tolerate the violent and unruly behaviour displayed by the musician in the video”.

The National Broadcasting Commission responded to this by placing a temporary ban on its radio stations – TribeFM and other national radio stations.

Over the weekend, Eldiz Mune was refrained from performing at a club in Port Moresby.

Eldiz is another musician believed to be associated with the drama.

Club Illusion’s concert to kick-off 2018 included G-Runn, 5Star, Young Deer, Dr Wizz, Mosyork and Eldiz Mune in the line-up.

Following the incident, Mune’s act was dropped. The club also announced on its Facebook page that any artists associated with the Wild Pack band and Eldiz Mune that may perform over the weekend, will be removed.

(Screenshot of Wild Pack’s ‘Kimbe lewa’ video clip)

Gloria Bauai