Wame Blood goes Digital

Local Music Group Wame Blood is one of the first Acts to truly go Digital with the band announcing its new Social Media Channels as well as a website.

The announcement is part of the Bands strategy to battle copyright issues where most of their music and videos are being shared online by other users who also gain financially from it.

The band announced this during the launching of their new song ‘Soro’ featuring local acts in Archie Tazie, Sprigga Mek and Stagajah.

In a media conference today, Wame Blood front man, Jonny Yawari, announced the bands new social media channels on Facebook, Youtube, Spotify.

He said the new digital channels aim to tackle the issue of copyright.

Yawarai said the Band has lost potential earnings due to multiple online users sharing their content as their own.

The new website, which is expected to be completed by June,  also features inline payment options for purchasing songs, and videos, as well as Wame Blood merchandise.

Meanwhile, the Band also launched their latest song titled ‘Soro’ and the music video.

The song is a collaboration with Archie Tazie, SpriggaMek, and Stagajah and was filmed in Kutubu Southern Highlands Province.

Collaborative Artists thanked Wame Blood for the opportunity to work together on the project and look forward to other collaborative projects in future.

The song and video can be found on their social media channels and website.

Cedric Patjole