SP Export claims naming rights to Mask Festival

The South Pacific Export Lager brand has claimed naming rights of the 2018 National Mask Festival in Kokopo, East New Britain Province.

A contract was signed yesterday in Port Moresby between the Festival Committee and SP Brewery to formalise an undisclosed sponsorship package.

The agreement solidifies a potentially long term partnership between the committee and the Brewery.

SP Brewery Marketing Manager, Josh Wheeler, said today that cultural preservation in a constantly evolving world is critical for Papua New Guinea.

And they are proud to be supporting the Festival preserve PNG culture for future generations.

“Regardless of its status, Export Lager is culturally grounded to where it is born and brewed in PNG for more than 30 years. Therefore, SP Brewery takes pride in PNG culture and heritage. Our brand is devoted to giving back to our people by supporting cultural events and initiatives and we are proud to be part of this year’s festival,” said Wheeler.

Meantime , the Festival Chairman, Isaac Ilom, was grateful for the support and hopes other sponsors come on board.

“Without the generosity and support from corporate sponsors like SP Brewery, through its local premium brand Export Lager, important cultural events like the South Pacific Export National Mask Festival would not exist. Therefore, we are very grateful to SP Brewery,” Ilom said.

An official launching will be held during a gala dinner event which will be hosted by SP Brewery.

The Festival Committee is organising with the PNG University of Natural Resources & Environment (UNRE) Vudal to encourage performance groups to participate and perform at the event.

The National Mask Festival is the flagship event of the New Guinea Islands and one of the biggest cultural events in the calendar year showcasing sacred traditional masks.

Cedric Patjole