R Kelly announces official New Zealand tour

R. Kelly, who is under investigation for multiple claims of sexual misconduct, has announced an official New Zealand tour.

The disgraced Ignition (Remix) singer shared the news on Twitter saying, "New tour alert. Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, see y'all soon!"

R. Kelly hinted at an upcoming tour back in December, when he quashed a tour announcement made by a promoter he said he wasn't officially linked to. 

"While I love all my amazing fans in the Australia region I am NOT involved in this tour nor do I have knowledge of it," he tweeted.

"Watch my social media...when it's time for my next international tour (which is soon) you'll hear it directly from me. Stay tuned for more King s... in the VERY near future!" 

The tour announced this morning is being presented by Australian company Flamingo Dreamz, who have previously promoted tours with the likes of Fatman Scoop, Ja Rule and Ashanti. 

Longstanding allegations against R. Kelly resurfaced in January, when the documentary series Surviving R. Kelly was released.

The series features survivors sharing allegations on the years of sexual coercion, exploitation and physical abuse they endured at the hands of the singer. 

R. Kelly has denied all allegations, and has said he plans to sue everyone involved in the documentary, including the alleged victims.

Most recently, the singer was been symbolically banned from Philadelphia, where city councillors voted unanimously to not welcome him into the city.