POMNATS hosts ‘hahenamo’

The Port Moresby National High School has recently held their annual cultural day of celebration called ‘Hahenamo’.

The Hahenamo is “celebration” in Motu. It is accorded to the annual cultural day held by Port Moresby National High School around June to mark the foundation day of the school.

A Grade 12 student said it is interesting to note that the young generation of today are concerned about preserving their culture.

President of the Madang Morobe Students Association, Trevor Nafeam, said: “As we advance forward, we are losing our culture. So we are trying to bring our traditional attires in the school, traditional dances or culture into the school so that the students can know about their traditional dances. 

“Most of us standing here we haven’t been to our village, but through these provincial dances we can at least know a bit about our province. That’s the main purpose of holding a cultural show like that.”

A parent who was present said: “It’s a good opportunity for kids who have grown outside of their home provinces, especially in Port Moresby, and not familiar with their culture. These occasions will help kids get familiar with their culture and appreciate their past culture that Papua New Guinea has.”

Another students’ mother, Beverley Puton, said: “I think this is a very good opportunity for children because we are in the city we live away from the home provinces and opportunities like these keep our children in culture because we don’t normally do that at home.”

The Hahenamo is an event organised by the Students Representative Council and money raised from the event normally goes to important projects within the school.

(The Madang Morobe Students Association)

Frieda Kana