The Yangoru bilum from East Sepik Province has been made popular through songs by current local artists, particularly for its style.

Once more, this bilum (string bag) lived up to its name at the recent East Sepik Provincial Day in Port Moresby.

Carried by a University of PNG student from the area, this particular bilum stood out in a crowd comprising of dark body paints and red and dull green coloured provincial flags.

Unlike the common smaller bilums carried with pride by most who are from Yangoru or associated with the area, this bilum was below knee length and stretched out in width.

Rebecca Lus is the proud weaver.

She spent 7 months on this product.

“I rested only when my back ached but I did not miss a month and it took me seven in total to complete this bilum,” she said.

Initially, Rebecca weaved the bilum to use as a house decoration.

“But when I heard the provincial day was coming up, I decided to bring this bilum along,” she added.

Rebecca said on any other day, the bilums are used to carry food and/or other belongings.

During singsing, women mostly hang their traditional ring money (Yangoru Boiken currency) on the bilum and sing and dance.

The Yangoru bilum’s original colours are white, red and black.

Gloria Bauai