MPIP PNG highlights achievements

Challenges aside, 2016 was another successful year for the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant PNG.

Deputy chairperson, Emma Waiwai, highlighted two main achievements of the year during the launch of the pageant for 2017 on Tuesday.

“One, we supported 41 girls at various tertiary institutions around the country. Two, we started our discussions with Melanesian Trustees Services Limited for an office space which is now a reality,” she said.

For far too long, MPIP has had no permanent office space.

“We have had to operate out of different offices, restaurants, cafes or hotels which has certainly been an expensive exercise and many times, can be challenging, especially if you need to discuss things in confidence.

“I want to thank Melanesian Trustees Services Limited who, on behalf of Pacific Balanced Fund, have entered into a partnership with us. Thank you for our new home. 

“Pacific Balance Fund, previously known as Investment Corporation Fund of PNG, has over 12000 shareholders. We appeal to all these shareholders to come forward, identify yourselves and receive your outstanding dividend payments,” she said.

She said the year was one of the most challenging, especially getting people on board. Waiwai also thanked volunteers and sponsors for the continued support. 

“It’s not easy to continuously run the various pageant programs year in and year out, especially when the organisation is run by volunteers. But it goes to show what partnerships and support from people like you all standing here can do to make things happen and happen successfully.”

Gloria Bauai