Milne Bay Day draws crowds

The 2017 Milne Bay Day today was hailed a success with an unexpected turnout of over 10, 000 people.


Compared to last year’s turnout of 5000 people, Chairman for the Milne Bay Day committee, Jimmy Segodi described this year’s as “an incredible turnout!”

He says one reason for such a turnout was the awareness, which started after the visit to the James Chalmers Memorial High School (JCMHS).

Upon learning of the dire need for facilities and infrastructure of the school located in the Fife Bay area of the Milne Bay Province, the UPNG Mine Bay students and the Milne Bay Community of Port Moresby started creating awareness of fundraising events.

Taking a strategic approach with two events – the community held a fundraising dinner and the Milne Bay Day which will end with a Milne Bay night tonight.

Segodi thanked everybody who made the event successful, including the public who purchased tickets to share this experience with the Milne community Port Moresby.

He said the highlight of the day was definitely the 12 plus cultural groups who registered to perform as well as the bands who came all the way from Milne Bay Province.

Segodi noted the presence of distinguished guests, including the Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel – whose band the Wabo Knights also featured in the event.

With the theme “Together we can for Milne Bay” Segodi says it’s with hope the event instils the message in the minds of every Milne Bay person.

From today’s event also, the committee will be organizing an even bigger corporate event which is confirmed for October 14.

Meanwhile, Milne Bay Nite will be hosted tonight at the Cosmopolitan, Vision City.

Gloria Bauai