Metal Mania comes to Cosmopolitan

​Metal craze has taken over Port Moresby.

Five months after the Metal Fest, the city will have yet another show, fully dedicated to heavy metal music.

This time, the Cosmopolitan is jumping in to igniting the Heavy Metal flame in PNG!

The first super-club will throw down on Black Friday, October 13, the long awaited Metal Mania.

3 bands - Flag of War, Aqua Fire and Darkaside, will be playing the concert, showering the crowd with a mix of well-known covers plus originals from their own upcoming albums.

“The guys are all young talented Papua New Guinean musicians who are passionate about this genre of music.

“Just this year, they are coming out and being heard as previously heavy metal has been an only underground genre,” said Carmel Pilotti, event organiser from Tritones Music.

2017 was declared the “year of metal” in PNG, by heavy metal fans in the country.

It began with Fall Apart - the first Heavy Metal song to hit PNG radio by Hyer featuring Sprigga Mek.

And POM Metal Fest in May, the first show dedicated to heavy metal music

Metal Mania is set for tomorrow.

"Concerts like these only come around once in a while, most of the time its radio music. If you're a fan of real musicianship and music with meaning, and if you like it loud and heavy, you can't miss this,” said Pilotti.

And, Tritones and all the bands hope to rock the night with all the Metalheads out there!

Tickets were available at Toro Gaming as previously advertised, however, due to some difficulties with building the shop is in, the mall is closed.

Customers will have to meet organisers Tritones Music staff at Vision City from 12PM to 5PM to pick up their tickets.







Gloria Bauai