Kerowaii leaves for NZ

After a good 11 days in the country, Kerowaii is leaving for New Zealand today, a satisfied man.

Visiting the country again after 15 years, Kerowaii says the experience has been humbling for him.

"I got to see the difference between where I reside and home, the struggle of my people here for their day-to-day living while I live an easy life.

"It has been an eye-opener for me and I am truly humbled by this experience," he says.

The hip-hop artist, based in New Zealand, arrived in Port Moresby on December 29 for his first-ever one night performance in Lamana, Gold Club, on January 7.

He says despite a few hiccups, the whole show went perfectly.

"This is a highlight in my career I will go back and boast about."

Initially, Kerowaii planned for a performance in his hometown Mendi, but this did not go as planned.

He however, did shoot videos for two of his songs on his debut album Mango Tree.

"We did video shoots at Erima, Koki Heights and Lamana. We also did a mini documentary on the lifestyle here in PNG," he said.

Two of his team left on Sunday. When Loop PNG met up with Kerowaii today at Jackson's International Airport, the 24-year-old said he will be returning in March for a PNG tour.

"We are still planning it but we should be back to promote the album," Kerowaii added.

He also said his management has been in talks with WhatsApp to distribute songs for his PNG fan base only.

Kerowaii has nothing to worry about in PNG now, except the heat.

(Kerowaii, in white, surrounded by family at Jackson's International Airport)

Gloria Bauai