Foundation pushes for recognition of local music industry

​Gaining wider international recognition is a struggle for local musicians given the under-developed industry.

One main reason being less to no support from the government.

So it is goes back to musicians working together towards the international platform.

Samson Sala from the Lerams of Kagua band is one passionate to see the industry gain proper recognition.

“Music is a sleeping giant, money making sustainable industry that needs government recognition and funding to be pushed and marketed,” he said.

Sala highlighted employment opportunities and a boosted tourism and arts industry which in turn can translate into financial empowerment, as well as marketing PNG worldwide.

He registered the PNG Music Foundation in 2016, a charity, NGO which aims to support the struggling PNG music industry.

Using this platform, Sala wants to see musicians securing gigs in international music festivals or events.

“We are currently working with some musicians.

“Our goal is also to fight for government to support PNG Music Industry.

“Music is a sustainable and economical industry that can create employment and revenue to support the country government. It’s a powerful tool for promotional, networking, tourism, business and others.”

(Picture: Calextus Simeon)