The first-ever Miss Marshall Islands set for pageant

The first-ever Miss Marshall Islands is twenty-four-year old student Billma Krystalena Peter.

Her ambition is to complete her education and use it to contribute positively towards her country and people’s development as she believes strongly that education is a powerful tool of change.

Miss Peter was one of 23 contestants in Miss Marshall Islands pageant held early this year with each contestant representing each atoll that forms the Republic of Marshall Islands; a Micronesian country headed by a female leader and a champion of Climate Change Action, Hilda Heine.

Miss Peter said she entered her country’s first ever pageant because she wanted to raise awareness on the importance of education and access to healthcare.

“I believe that education is important, as the world changes we must continue to learn and change along with it. The girl child is born into a system of stereotypes and under-representation; education is a vital pathway for her to learn that she can master any field she decides to pursue.

“I wanted to use this platform to set an example to the youth, especially my younger sisters.

“In the regional pageant I want to showcase my country and all we have to offer. As a female Marshallese citizen who grew up in the United States, I want to prove that our culture is strong no matter where we find ourselves.”

Miss Peter said the most pressing issue affecting young women of her generation in her country is teen pregnancy and the exceptionally high rates of cervical cancer.

“That’s why I hope the issues of education and healthcare as it relates to these two aspects can be addressed at the regional pageant.

“My first task were I to be crowned Miss Pacific would be to bring awareness to the importance of healthcare and how we must bring this to the forefront as small island nations; especially since we do not have the luxury of modern medical access such as in the larger countries.”

For her personally, Miss Peter says: “It is an honour to be a part of Miss Pacific Islands Pageant as the first Miss Marshall Islands and I am looking forward to joining the other young women in showcasing what each of our nations have to offer.

“I would like to express my gratitude for the support this pageant receives. This pageant showcases women empowerment and allows young women to stand up for their island nations and bring light to many issues these countries experience. The support received allows this platform to exist, and for that I am grateful.

“I just want to say also that being a cultural/tourism ambassador for my country means I have a responsibility to represent my people in the best way I can and show the world the riches our country has to offer.

“I hope to demonstrate this during the pageant by showcasing our love and strength, or as we say it in our country: Iakwe and koba maron.

“I also look forward to the opportunity to be able to observe and learn from the strength of my other Pacific sisters.”

Press release