Demonstration of rare food festival

Whilst on their rural medical patrol, Kumura Foundation’s Travel2Change team witnessed firsthand a demonstration of the rare Bundi Komba Festival.

This much-anticipated festival was postponed to the end of this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Wednesday, April 22nd, the COVID-19 Rural Medical Patrol team entered remote Emigari, Bundi – the host village of the Bundi Komba Festival.

While conducting much-needed awareness on COVID-19 and treating and airlifting sick patients, the team also witnessed the “Bundi Komba Festival Demo” for what is to come in December. 

“The demo consisted of cultural performances, preparations and tasting of various delicious rare Komba dishes,” stated Vincent Kumura.

“This rare food culture festival of Bundi, which was initially scheduled for April 20-22 this year, was postponed to December 14-16.

“The festival is an initiative of Kumura Foundation under its sustainable development focus to promote eco and cultural tourism in the Central Bismarck Range and help improve the livelihood of the marginalised locals.

“We sincerely thank Mr. Steven Enomb Kilanda, the Acting CEO of National Cultural Commission of PNG and his office for supporting the Bundi Komba Festival Demo with K5,000.

“Once the SoE on COVID-19 is lifted, we will go ahead with the 2020 Bundi Komba Festival from December 14-16 this year.

“We are expecting more than 25 cultural groups from Jimi, Simbai, Simbu, Eastern Highlands and all over Bundi to perform at this festival, including conservation organisations and Kundiawa General Hospital Medical Outreach Team.

“We are calling on the support of tourism and conservation authorities of PNG, including both provincial governments of Simbu and Madang, to support this rare food culture festival,” added Kumura.

(Pictures courtesy: Kumura Foundation)

Carmella Gware