dAdiigii: Two more songs for the international market

On the success of Kumul Susa, dAdiigii will soon be releasing two more songs suited for the international market.

He says Till the Kingdom come and End Times have already been recorded under the Chin Hoi Min label and should be released in the coming months.

Considering the international market Till the Kingdom come takes on the pop mix culture fusion genre and End Times will bring back the root reggae.

Both songs are expected to be hits as soon as released and carry strong messages embedded in each.

Till the Kingdom come speaks of the suffering of West Papua and the message that as fellow Melanesian family and sharing one landmass, Papua New Guineans feel their pain and see their struggle.

The song written and sung by dAdiigii himself also features fellow artists Jay Liesi and Mereani Masani, whose voices are accompanied by traditional Papua New Guinea beats.

End Times calls out those in power who step on others, to build their own empires, injecting hate as they go. This he says is something happening everywhere but is ignored so he sings about it openly in End Times.

These songs show a new turn in his career which he describes as singing about situations, emotions and taste of listeners to actually bringing a message to the masses.

“I believe that as musicians, we can help spread a message quickly through our music because with music, people of all ages can relate to it,” he said.

(dAdiigii and Mereani Masani during  the live performance of Kumul Susa at the 2016 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup grand-final)

Gloria Bauai