Censorship Board is responsible for music and video content

The Chief censor, Steven Mala says that capacity has been the delaying issue with the PNG Censorship Board.

The body made a stand last year to work closely with production houses to closely monitor the content of music by local artists.

Following up on this, Mala revealed that not much focus was given to the industry, to date.

However he said, recruitment has been completed in 2017 so work should commence this year.

Mala reiterated that work by artists should be screened by the Censorship Board before being aired.

He said another circular will be sent to media houses going forward.

“Now we have the capacity to address this. We really want to encourage up-coming artists to show some courtesy in their work, professionalism should be exercised,” he said.

Mala said the Censorship Board is responsible for music and video content as outlined in Vision 2050.

He said previously Censorship had had discussions with the Intellectual Property Office to make sure that the work of artists are protected.

“Now we’ve started to take the task. We’ll have to talk again with IPO and work closely with them. We’ll set guidelines so as artists practise professionalism, we’ll also make sure they have protection and rights for their work.”

But for now, he says the body is going by the Censorship act – which talks about how content should be.

Meantime, the body will be looking at the regulatory part of it, he said.

Gloria Bauai