Band sets positive start to academic year

The Gospel band, Covenant Creed, will be hosting its back to school concert on February 10th.

This is an initiative the band started last year and hopes to keep on an annual basis.

The concert is the band’s way of reaching out to the young people who are prepping for another academic year.

Pr Anthony Ando, band leader, said the concert is very important, to set a platform that speaks positively into the lives of the young.

“This will help them in their planning, goal setting and them looking forward to go through the year with all the challenges that’s ahead,” he said. 

Pr Ando stressed that music plays a very important role and it can be used to register positivity in people’s minds to drive them. 

He said the success of the first concert last year, has attracted much assistance, especially from families. 

“That’s the positive result we’ve seen from the first concert. And that’s a good thing. It’s not just about Covenant Creed setting a platform to showcase what we have but also about people taking ownership of that.”

Tehila Ando, daughter of pastor Ando and also a band member directed a message to the youth to set their minds on their goals and be determined to achieving it.

The tickets will soon be out.

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