Assaulted artist has a case: Police

Police have clarified legal ramifications for those involved in the recent viral video showing violent behavior by two musicians.

The video shows a band member of Wild Pack badly bashing another musician identified as Ragga Siai.

While the cause of the fist fight is unknown, many have condemned the fight since the video was initially uploaded on Facebook.

Deputy Police Commissioner of Operations, Jim Andrews says that the victim of the violence in this video has the right to come forward and place a formal complaint with police.

DCP Andrews says that such cases need the victims to step up and report the matter so that police can begin official investigations into the incident.

Meantime, Andrews warns that there are many angles to such cases, advising those who are uploading as well as sharing such videos online to also be mindful of the Telecommunications Act.

He explains that there are many legal implications for those involved, advising that people need to be more mindful of the type of content that they upload and share online.

Julianna Waeda