Young Okuk nominates for Moresby North East

Okuk is a name revered and respected in the Chimbu Province. It is a name synonymous to politics in Chimbu and in Papua New Guinea.

The name Okuk first entered the corridors of Parliament in 1972 when firebrand, vocal and forthright Chimbu politician, Iambakey Okuk was voted in.

Later knighted, Sir Iambakey was noted for his forthright approach to issues of local and national importance and left a lasting legacy to the type of leadership, power and charisma he exuded.

However, the name had  disappeared from the political scene until Sir Iambakey’s  late son Tangil also contested in Chimbu but was not successful.

But on Wednesday April 26, 2017 Port Moresby witnessed the resurgence of the name when the Late Sir Iambakey’s third son,  Carl Okuk decided to step up and nominate for the  Moresby North East electorate.

When asked why he had decided to contest for this seat in Port Moresby the young Okuk sibling said it straight.

“I was born here, I grew up here and I know many people in this community and I feel it is the right time for me,” a confident Okuk said.

But the Port Moresby-born and bred Carl Okuk  knows he is taking on the powers that be when he nominated for the Moresby North-East today at Five-Mile.

Asked about his policies, Okuk said:  “All candidates have similar policies on Education, Health, Community Development, infrastructure development but I will base my leadership on honesty and having a pragmatic approach to issues.”

Whatever it is, Carl Okuk’s supporters filled more than 20 vehicle loads as they convoyed to Five Mile’ Jack Pidik Park to nominate.

Meanwhile, long time popular Six-Mile resident John Kaupa and a host of other candidates also packed the Jack Pidik oval and Five-Mile to nominate for the  Moresby North-East seat.