Truck loads convoy for nominations for Rigo Open

Truck loads of supporters for nominee's for the Rigo electorate Open seat gathered in numbers to convoy to the district office to pay their nomination fees.

Since the opening of nominations, three nominated yesterday; the first being a female; Vavine Kila Nades from Kamili Village with two male independent candidates; Naga Gamoga Agarobe from Gabagaba and Lekwa Gure from Babaka.

This afternoon at 1:32pm, another independent candidate,  Richard Faroba, originally from Southern Highlands married to a local from the inland LLG of Rigo entered the Rigo district office to pay his nomination fee.

According to the Electoral Commission, any person born or has resided in the electorate between two years to five years is qualified for nomination.

 Four independent candidates have been nominated so far for Rigo Open seat.

Returning officer for Rigo, Virgil Waisa emphasized that all candidates should pay their nomination fees at the bank and bring the receipt to the district office as proof.

He said special preferences will be given to intending candidates who wish to be nominated on the last days and a few hours before the closings of the nominations.

However, he adds that the district office does not encourage this practice and intending candidates should play their part before the nominations close.

More intending candidates are expected to arrive at the district office to pay their nomination fees.


Caption: Richard Faroba during nomination today. 

Annette Kora