Stop your blame game: President

Country Party president, Nelson Duwabane, has called on political party leaders to stop their blame game, accept reality and move on with their policies and strategies for a new Parliament.

Duwabane made this call after National Alliance Party leader, Patrick Pruaitch, and Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party leader, Don Polye, started blaming each other for the fall of Somare’s regime.

Pruaitch told Loop PNG earlier that he never voted against the illegal removal of former prime minister Sir Michael Somare in 2011. He said he was the only one in the Government to vote against putting Peter O’Neill as Prime Minister.

Pruaitch added that it was Polye who was the power broker back then that caused the fall of Sir Michael.

On the other hand, Polye said Pruaitch was the main architect behind the fall of Sir Michael’s regime in Aug 2, 2011.

Duwabane, in a statement, said Country Party was also involved in the removal of Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare and ended up with Ministries of Environment and Conservation and Health & HIV/AIDS.

“We are signatory to Alotau Accord but went into the Opposition with Jeffrey Kuave (Lufa - Shadow Minister for Community Development & Sports and Pacific Games) and Richard Mendani (Kerema – Chairman of Constitutional Laws and Regulations Committee).”

He said parties like National Alliance, PPP, National Party, New Generation and People’s Movement for Change were part and parcel of the People’s National Congress Party coalition, which approved all the budgets and constitutional laws. This also included approving deficit budgets from 2012-2016, and they must all be equally responsible for all these decisions.

He added that Country Party believes that all parties and leaders must be responsible for their actions and not to shift or apportion blame.

“We stand to deliver our policies of infrastructure, enterprise (SME and equal opportunity), agriculture and prosperity though poverty alleviation,” Duwabane stated.

“There is no better time to deal with real issues facing the majority of our people.

“Arguing about what should have been done or what was done is the responsibility of all these who were part of the PNC Coalition. It should be addressed.”

The Country Party has endorsed 40 candidates throughout the country under the leadership of Chris Haiveta, former deputy prime minister, former minister for finance and 2017 Gulf regional candidate.

Freddy Mou