Sir Reuben Taureka: Serve the people according to their wishes

Candidates must know their own people and serve them according to their wishes, says pioneer medical doctor and politician, Sir Reuben Taureka.

Speaking from his home at Maopa village in the Aroma Coast this week, Taureka said the outcome of the 2017 National Elections is important to the country for many different reasons.

“This year’s elections are very important because there are lots of changes taking place. These changes are the political parties that have been formed with many new candidates standing.

“So people must examine the candidates properly and ask themselves what they (candidates) have done for their area and for the country before they can be voted in.

“There should also be some sort of qualifications to see whether the candidates are genuine or not,” said Taureka.

Taureka stressed to the people of Abau in the Central province to make the right choice come polling day.

“We are still struggling here. The people in the Abau district have suffered so much. When Kupiano runs out of drugs, they come here to me for help.

“I have only a very few things here to meet their demand. I feel sorry for them. Some are brought up to the house and we try to revive them on the veranda but they die.

 “I feel sorry for our own people. We have been lied to now for a long time now by the Members of Parliament.

“The candidates must be educated enough on how to understand the people they serve.

“I think the candidates must know their own people and serve them according to their wishes once voted in. Come and consult with us the people and do what’s right for the people “said Taureka.


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