Province aims to encourage peaceful atmosphere

Central Province is known for its peaceful atmosphere during the general elections, hence the Central Provincial Police stands to encourage it this year.

Central Provincial Police Commander, Laimo Asi, said this during the briefing of the operations order for Central Police Command.

He said the main highlight of this operation is to help the Electoral Commission conduct a free, fair, safe election exercise.

Asi said Central Police has already carried out the first two phases of the election operation, which is awareness and utilisation.

“We are prepared now to carry out the next phase, which is the security and polling followed by the last phase of counting.”

He told officers present at the briefing that the entire election operation order covers the whole of Central Province and no LLG or village will be left out.

“Polling teams will have team leaders that will cover each LLG,” he says.

Central Police has a total manpower 625 officers who will be engaged in the operations. This will include the Bomana Correctional Service and the Papua New Guinea Defence Force officers.

Annette Kora