Pangu candidate takes Markham Open seat

Pangu Pati has kicked out the People’s National Congress off the Markham open seat, with Koni Iguan running away from former MP Andrew Baing, with a large voter difference.

PNC man and sitting MP, Paul Isikiel was knocked out of the race after the 23rd elimination round, before midday today.

Five boxes were left to distribute this morning, as candidate George Gedisa was eliminated.

Kima Kilau followed suit, as his ballots were distributed.

Scrutineers waited and watched in anticipation as Pangu's Koni Iguan continued to collect more votes over the second and third candidates.

Eventually, sitting member Paul isikiel was eliminated and the race was on for a final declaration.

Iguan collected 1,287 votes in elimination 24, bringing him to 12,337 votes, over Baing, who finished second after collecting a total 7063 votes.

Counting was ceased by Returning Officer Willie Pilailo at 12:25pm today.

Member-elect Koni Iguan arrived, and was escorted by Pangu Pati Leader Sam Basil to the official declaration.

Provincial Election Manager Simon Soheke then delivered the declaration.

Salome Vincent