Moresby North-East: Polling underway

Even though the skies have opened for a light drizzle, the people of Five-Mile and Elcom compound in Ward 5 of Moresby North-East seem unaffected by it.

Hundreds have gathered at the two polling stations at Mini Market, Six-Mile, to cast their votes.

Team 30 has 724 ballot papers with an extra 26, bringing the total to 750. Team 31 has a total of 450 ballot papers.

People on site outnumber these figures but they are willing to go ahead.

They have also raised concern that there is a mix up in the names; their names are found in a different electorate and names of voters from other electorates appear in their area.

But they have resolved the issue with the election officers, where locals will go ahead and vote as long as they are identified by others in the community.

Police presence is in ground and Snr Sgt Wesley Obo says everything is expected to go smoothly.

Both sites have one booth each. Polling commenced with scrutineers casting their votes around 9:30am.

Gloria Bauai