Kerowagi MP refutes kidnapping claims

​The newly elected MP for Kerowagi has brushed aside claims of his kidnapping as speculated by the media recently.

Bari Palma told media in Alotau that he's not aware of such claims and said these are all lies adding that he had gone through such criticisms and nothing is new to him.

He stated that a good example in that matter was when he was pronounced by the Supreme Court as bankrupt during the elections.

The case was filed by former MP Camilus Dangma.

However, he was allowed by the National Court to contest pending his appeal in the Supreme Court.

He is now the MP elect for Kerowagi and looking forward to serve his people.

Meantime, Tari-Pori MP James Marape said PNC has never forced people to join the Alotau camp they have joined on their own accord.

He further reiterated that what transpired earlier at the Jackson's airport involving former Ijivitari MP, David Arore was not endorsed or sanctioned by PNC in any way.


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