Juffa backs Goroka camp

Re-elected Northern Governor, Gary Juffa, revealed his People’s Movement for Change Party’s support to the Goroka Camp.

Sam Basil’s PANGU Party are camped in the heart of mainland Papua New Guinea to lure numbers to form the country’s next government.

Juffa, who spent his first 5 years in the National Parliament as a middle and opposition bench MP, vowed to be vocal on national issues.           

“I have no problem in staying in the Opposition, so I can speak my mind to represent the interest of my people,” Juffa said in a media conference in Port Moresby today.

“But I am very interested in forming the next government.

“I am willing to work with the likes of Sam Basil, Kerenga Kua, Dr Alan Marat, these are people I feel are very credible people, who, if become Prime Minister, the people of Papua New Guinea will be very satisfied that we are moving in the right direction.

“These are people who have a great standing in the community, who are not only intelligent but have proved their time in Parliament do not only talk about corruption but actually fighting corruption.

“They are the people that I am aligning myself to, and I am in discussion with a number of independents, (about) four who have aligned themselves to me.”

Juffa is the only declared member-elect for the People’s Movement for Change Party.

Charles Yapumi