I am still an independent candidate: Petrus Thomas

The newly declared winner for Koroba – Lake Kopiago Open, Petrus Thomas brushed aside suggestions that he has teamed up with the People’s National Congress after his declaration.

“I stood as an independent candidate, and I remain as an independent candidate,” Thomas said today.    

“I will stay as an independent candidate and monitor the formation of the government and if I see a possible party that will form the government, it is my people’s choice that I must be in the government.”

Thomas comments followed a photo on Facebook showing him being welcomed by Prime Minister and PNC party leader, Peter O’Neill and Tari – Pori MP James Marape in Mendi after his declaration on Sunday.    

The 43 year old knows, he has a mammoth task to prove to his constituent in the next five years.     

“Me winning with 17, 505 votes is a demonstration of people trusting me and demonstrating that trust through the ballot papers,” Thomas said. 

“Winning is one thing and to deliver is another thing, and the challenge I have now is to deliver to my people in the next five years.

 “I also want to thank the other 24 candidates, and I want them to stand by me to deliver service to our people.”

Koroba – Lake Kopiago is in the Hela Province.

(Picture by Kennedy Bani)

Charles Yapumi