Five candidates so far for NCD Regional seat

The nomination of independent candidate Steven Kilage this afternoon has brought the total candidates for the National Capital District regional seat to a total of five.

Nominations for NCD regional seat opened yesterday with sitting Governor Powes Parkop, nominating upon the hour of the issue of writs at 4:15pm.

Terence Hetinu, Election Manager NCD and Provincial Returning Officer confirmed four more for the regional seat today, all independent candidates.

Hetinu said nominations are coming in a little bit slow, but should pick up around the last three days before the close of nominations on Thursday, April 27.

In respect to Form 29 filled prior, Hetinu says there is an expected total of 44 candidates for the regional seat.

However, number of candidates to nominate may increase, due to the drop in nomination fee from K10,000 to K1,000.

Overall, Hetinu said his team is managing well and is hopeful for a good election turn out.

He praised the first nominated candidates and supporters for maintaining peaceful nominations so far.

In the meantime, as of 4pm this afternoon, the PRO is yet to receive update from Moresby North East electorate nominations.