Councilor with firearm arrested at rally

​A ward councilor has been arrested after he tried to discharge a firearm during a political rally in Abau, Central Province.

Councilor Gavena John Leta, age 36, from Bokuku village, was alleged to have committed the offence during Sir Puka Temu’s rally on June 12.

Central police commander Laimo Asi says police report that whilst in Upulima, Leta removed the firearm (pistol) and tried to discharge it whilst the current member for Abau was talking during his rally.

He was formally arrested and charged for 3 counts relating to firearm and locked at Boroko cells late Tuesday afternoon (at around 5pm).

PPC Asi says the charges are: Possession of a firearm whilst under the influence of liquor, carrying a firearm exposed in the view of the public and threatening to discharge a firearm.

PPC Asi took the opportunity to warn the public, especially those resorting to violence, to not resort to offensive weapons.

“I will make sure that the full force of the law will catch up with them when I have the full strength of joint operation officers on standby for Natel Security Ops duties,” Asi warned.

Julianna Waeda