Candidate: Somare gave me his blessing

Sir Michael Somare gave me the blessing to run for his former East Sepik Regional seat with his party, says a candidate.

“Mi sindaun na askim Sir Michael Somare, mi tokim em papa las minute, mi senism tingting na laik ron lo eleksen,” Alan Bird said.  (I sat with Sir Michael Somare and told him at the last minute that I have changed my mind; I am thinking of contesting in the elections.)

“Papa tupla eleksen mi salensim yu, mi laik sanap ken, yu ting wanem?” (Father, for two elections, I have challenged you and am thinking of standing again, what is your opinion?

Bird said Sir Michael then invited him to run for the regional seat under the National Alliance Party banner, which he founded.   

Based on past experience, Bird used to collect good voter numbers throughout the province but had difficulties when trying to infiltrate voters’ choice in Angoram district, where Sir Michael hails from.

Bird, a successful businessman, is contesting the East Sepik Provincial Seat, left vacant by Sir Michael, who will not contest the 2017 National Elections after 49 consecutive years in politics.        

The regional seat has 31 candidates contesting.

Charles Yapumi