About 1,500 security personnel for nation’s capital

About 1,500 security personnel will be on ground during the nation’s capital’s one day of polling (June 27).

During that time, normal police patrols, shifts and duties will also be carried out.

“All commanders, support units were given their tasks, detailed right down to the polling stations,” says NCD metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi.

“The ops order is made in such a way that all operations run parallel to each other. It doesn’t affect anything.”

In terms of emergencies like robberies or car thefts, detectives will attend to them.

“We are prepared and ready,” says the police boss.

Meanwhile, Turi is advising the general public to visit their nearest police stations, or the Electoral Commission office, to know their polling venue.

“NCD public, it’s your duty to find out where your polling places are.”

He adds that some previous polling venues have been moved together to one place.

“That is for safety and convenience.”

The nation’s capital has three districts: Moresby North East, Moresby North West and Moresby South. It has 12 wards and 360 polling places, according to the Electoral Commission. 

Carmella Gware